Third Pump of Sugar~ More Sam-n-Tia Chronicles

Tia: *sees Sam getting ready to join her for bed ruffles bed a bit and chuckles maniacally*

Sam: *moves bed sheets only to find some glasses an Iphone and an iPhone charger unplugged on his side of the bed*


Tia: thank you pumpkin

Sam: Mumble mumble she ain’t shit mumble mumble but imma plug it in any way mumble mumble i ain’t no damn maid mumble mumble

Tia: mumble mumble good butler


Since i have been #Adulting there have been lots of heart dropping to the pit of stomach moments.

one example:

My Supervisor: Tia we need to talk in my office.

Tia:*stomach starts feeling queasy.*
Tia: Right after i grab some water brb

Tia: if i leave now she can’t fire me

Tia: i don’t think i’ve done anything wrong lately

Tia: ugh why am i in trouble

Tia: Stand your ground you ain’t no lil Bih man up

Tia: *walks into Supervisors office*

Supervisor: so what do you think about applying for this new position that just opened up. i think you are perfect for the position.

Like why was i even scared lol IM GROWN AF she cant whoop me!



Sam: Tia if i got you a weapon would you learn how to use it
Tia yes

Sam: Good then we will get your conceal license this weekend

Tia: Good now i can go pop off on ….

Sam: Never mind


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