First Cup of Tea ~Small ConfessionšŸ˜

I used to really hate my parents back in middle school. I was super angsty, nothing like the bundle of sunshine i am now. I donā€™t know what I was going through, but I just knew my parents were crazy. I swear i used to get in trouble for breathing.
I felt like i needed to get back at them, but i couldnt so anything too obvious. Cuz real talk I could have been waaaaaaay worse, so they were asking for me to show out šŸ˜‚. so every time I saw the tv remote out I would slide it under the couch. Every time I saw their keys out I would put them in the fridge or freezer. I would push belts under the bed(so no easy whoopins). I would hide just one shoe. Real bad huh.šŸ˜

Do i regret this… no, cuz at the time it happened it was my revenge against parents who I knew were crazy.
Going forward if I have kids I will probably be in major trouble.


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