Second Cup of Tea ~ Work Rant

So I may be the youngest person at my company, and every day I feel like I’m being used to the max.

I’m always giving a Microsoft Word and Excel Tutorials. Which explains why every one is so slow with their reports lol.

They always talk to me about their children like I am more in touch with whatever is making them crazy. They ask me about Music artists, which I cannot help with cuz I’m not Basic like their children. I am ALWAYS fixing the copy machine. I’m trying to figure out how they functioned without me. Our IT department is Slow AF so I know they didn’t help out before i got here.
I also get plenty of:

When will you have children?

How many children do you have?

Your husband is white right?

What are you mixed with?

Are you here to visit your parent? Whose child are you?

You’re young so of course you move more quickly.

One day you will understand when you have children.

But real talk i love my Job, all my work old people are Really sweet and adorbz.

Im sure everyone can relate.

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