Concerts I Will Be Attending

Jhene Aiko TRIP(the tour)~ She is beautiful and has a beautiful album. I personally want to have her babies. So I snatched up two VIP tickets for her concert. It will be lit AF. Plus she won the for the dick challenge with that new tattoo…

24k Still with 24u ~ I’m super excited that since I have moved to Atlanta there have been multiple opportunities to see Korean Artists here. I am obsessed with them and their amazing voices.

Cory is bae(sorry Sam) so I hope I see him up close.

In my KPOP group chat they asked me what I would say if I met any of them. I’m always at a loss cuz what DO you say to a celebrity other than I love you. They are actually strangers.

I will tell them to tell other artists to stop in Atlanta for their tours as well cuz we are amazing, but the truth is I’m selfish so I will probably tell them to come home with me, because my fried chicken is amazing.(may or may not be true)


Illionaire Ambition tour~ the hip hop/ rap scene in Korea is FIRE. I Only know of two of the artists coming to Atlanta but I’m about to find out about the rest of their talent really really quick.

Now who i wanna see in concert is Cardi B, i just found out we practically the same age so she need to preform here in Atlanta so i can explain to her why we need to be besties. Im cool , she cool. She the hottest in the streets. Im cold all the time. She wild , im crazy. She busy being famous im busy at work. I wont even be clingy we can just text and hang out when she bored. I think we can work something out.💕😩

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