10 not so cute things my Husband says to Me

  1. Idk why you dont look cute in pictures baby you look cute in person.
  2. Stop being such a brute you cant just force it in there, just give it here…!
  3. Keep your lil grubby fingers off my TV!
  4. Just give it to me that’s not where it goes!
  5. Omg i married a Grimlin!
  6. Thats my wifes dog, even though it looks like a rat
  7. No stop stop you are cleaning it wrong, ill do it.
  8. Be nice please
  9. Dont touch anything, ever
  10. Why are your feet print on the window?! 

~ Sam 

None of this bothers me, i am lucky he cleans up after me and doesnt let me take ugly pictures, i feel bad for some of yall.

Published by Tiabeltonii

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