Why you should sit on public toilet seats, 🗣fight me about it I don’t care

  • women are all lying to these men about how awesome our bathrooms with couches and tvs are, how convenient that you left out the part about the pissy seats
  • our bathroom lines are too long for them not to be clean when you leave the stall
  •  Every mess you see in the bathroom is a direct result of someone squatting, if you are that concerned about germs stop kissing your mom, who knows where her mouth has been. Seriously though just carry around some Lysol wipes and sit your booty down.
  • ALSO you unladylike like ladies never clean it up afterwards
  • For all you uppity women who squat over the toilet 4/5 of you do not clean up after yourself when you miss. If you just sat on it, it wouldn’t be dirty.
  • Because you are not a man and cannot control where your pee goes.
  • you could always line it with tissue before you sit…. once again saving us from piss every where
  • because if you get someone like me who comes in behind you, you will be publically shamed for not cleaning up after yourself
  • no matter how you research or google it it unhealthy to pee while hovering over a toilet.sia
  • i feel like its worse now at my work place than it was at our school restrooms.

end rant, pardon my crappy awful writing style ♥

Published by Tiabeltonii

Not your wifey

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