10 types of people at work~ you are welcome

  1. Ms New New
    • Not sick of it all yet
    • Probably a newlywed
    • Everyone gives them unwanted advice
    • Normally given tasks no one else wants to do
    • Does things out of the goodness of their heart even if they aren’t paid to do it yet
    • not necessarily new but has not been corrupted by society just yet
    • giphy

Miss Excuse

    • Her aunt just died
    • Her child is sick
    • Her cat needs to go to the vet
    • Has emergency surgery
    • Her car had a flat
    • Probably owes you money
    • Is always in avoidable situations
    • miss “Im having problems with my cable bill I need to call them during business hours and you know they have you on hold all day, can u cover for me” face ass
    • giphy1

Queen Mean

  • Never has anything nice to say
  • Feels like someone owes her something for doing her job
  • no matterwhat she says, it comes off as rude, out of place, and unnecessary
  • Queen complainer
  • Is not bad at her job so we can’t fire her
  • giphy2

Mister Buzzkill

  • When you are gabbing with your coworkers they  reminds you of how much work y’all need to get done.
  • never included in the office lotto pool
  • giphy3

Father Time

  • Been in the company 100 years
  • Rules don’t apply to them
  • allergic to all change
  • resistant-to-change

Miss wanna be boss

  • Sends emails about every little mistake
  • Double checks others work, when it’s not her job
  • Gives unasked for advice
  • Doesn’t know what the company would do without her
  • Complains about how much work she has to do, but volunteers for extra work
  • reliable but annoying
  • eoesxzz

Miss Wish they would

  • Wishes they would fire her so she can collect unemployment
  • Does only her job nothing extra
  • Always has receipts
  • Will never catch her slipping
  • Rules also do not apply to hergiphy7

Mr Awful

  • Always makes mistake
  • Deny Deny Deny making mistakes
  • Constantly blames others for their own incompetence
  • No one knows why or how they are still there
  • Miss Wish always checks him
  • giphy6

Mr Who?

  • You don’t know who they are or what they do in the company but they are always in the background
  • Probably named john smithor jane doe
  • never invited but always there
  • forgettable
  • giphy4

IT department

  • never available
  • tells you to google it
  • never fully fixes your problem, probably so they keep having a job
  • giphy5

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