10 things no one told me about ‘dieting’

When my PCP told me I was  ‘overweight’, the first thing I said was, “where!?’ because I certainly don’t look it, I have NEVER been cuter, so what if I’m not 100lbs any more I have a little booty now so that’s all that matters. But for my height of 5ft I should not weigh 140lbs lol not that big of a deal but my doctor put me on a diet. I have not lost any weight probably because I cannot fully commit, but people have said I look like I have lost weight, and I have been looking healthier. You are what you eat does matter a smidge.

  1. French fries are not healthy. They are not veggies either, they are carbs. I felt so cheated. White rice too! I thought I was being healthy AF eating white rice instead of fried, but it’s still just another source of carbs.
  2. Meal prepping is not Instagram pretty. It can be when you are done and arrange it to be so. It’s actually hard and time consuming and easily forgotten. You have to be dedicated and focused to not go to Zaxbys.
  3. You have to remember to diet when you are on vacation or celebrating holidays too. you cant cheat .
  4. You can’t just eat right and get sexy overnight, you need to exercise too(boo hiss hiss)
  5. After being half way healthy for a couple of months (I can’t fully commit) my period has been over 9000x’s better. Little to no cramping bloating and it was even shorter. I have always had uncomfortable periods but now they are less uncomfortable.
  6. Everyone says drink more water but no one ever explains why. Its actually really good for losing weight and feeling good. drinking water keeps you hydrated and regular. The best thing for any diet is to drop the soda, Kool-Aid and sweet tea.
  7. Junk food tastes super unhealthy after going cold turkey. Your stomach will straight up hate it when you go to Mc Donald’s after being clean for a few weeks.
  8. I’m regular now. TMI but I poop pee and pass gas after every meal now like clockwork. I did do that stuff before and I never thought I had problems with it, but once you get regular you can’t imagine being constipated ever again.
  9. I ate more often, but smaller portions, idk why but I stopped pigging out and now I just eat the recommended servings. I still get full…I just eat 5 times a day now
  10. I never though just half way dieting could make me feel happy. If I thought I was hot stuff before, just eating right had me feeling extra poppin’. My face was cute my hair was cute. When you think you look good you are happier.

If I fully committed to a healthy lifestyle I’m sure my results would be great enough for me to be an Instagram model, but I am a quitter. I need to work on that.

But since i will probably be fat before i fully commit i will continue to go places where they have doughnut burgers to sabotage my husbands diet 💕

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