Any one that really knows me, has probably heard me say I would make a Great man, because I know where to take Ladies on the best dates. Any one that really really knows me knows that my husband is actually the great man because he is the one who takes me on these cool dates,and then I take my friends who then look at their men sideways for not taking them sooner.

ANYWAY, in the Atlanta there is a little village called Cabbage Town. I think most people know it for the Krog street Graffiti tunnel. It is super Artsy, littered with cute cottages, murals and college looking peeps. The Krog street market isn’t to far from this place.

Cabbage town receives a lot more foot traffic when its warmer but if you bundle up nicely the winter could be just as fun because no one will be in the way of your selfies

You easily can have lived in Atlanta all your life and have never been here. It really is a shame, because this is where I would take all the men for a FREE date.

People come out here for selfies, photoshoots, nice dates, and just for some good ole fun.

Once you do find a parking spot walk around and smell fresh air and look at the beautiful artwork and interesting graffiti every where.

They even have papers posted on their telephone poles which tbh isn’t as common as you think it is.

The walls that the murals are on belong to CSX and they have a partnership with the Forward Warrior project to make Atlanta beautiful. We visited in July and saw people painting over old murals and some people adding to them.

The squares that are painted next to the building that is a project by @stacksqares. follow them on Instagram if you are trying to paint one of those.

So it is worth it to come more than once you never know which art work will be gone when you come back.

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