5 Atlanta Day Trips or Dates

My Boo is the King of taking me on “cheap” meaningful dates. Yeah we do go out to eat and yeah we do go the the movies but sometimes we have to leave Atlanta behind and really get away from it all for our mental health. Below are 5 of Many day trips we have takin the 2 years we have lived here. If you have some places I haven’t listed let me know so I can show him up and take him somewhere he hasn’t been for a change.

Gibbs Gardens

Gibbs Garden can easily be my Favorite place to go in Georgia, considering I have a seasonal pass so I can pop up when ever I want. they are less than an hour away from Atlanta and worth any traffic you may sit in to get out of the city.

Gibbs Garden has over 200 Acres of fresh flowers, trees, and ponds to enjoy. cute Gazebos, bridges and sculptures. Occasionally they have events and musicians playing to add to the good time you were already going to have.

They also have a Manor with a gorgeous pool and plenty of Arbors to strike a pose next too. This place is Instagram PERFECT.

What makes me buy a season pass is that as the seasons change the garden does too so it is totally worth the repeat trip. Truly a peaceful expierience. do be surprised when I write about this place again.

Smokey Mountains

Now you guys won’t actually catch me hiking too often, but The Smokey Mountains made the list because I can see all of this great American beauty with out getting out of my car! Grab some Picnic lunch type things from your local Publix. Type Gatlinburg TN in your GPS and pick the road that goes through all of the green not the one that goes around the forest, or else this trip will get real boring real quick.

Roll your windows down play some music and enjoy they view. There are plenty of places to stop and get out of your car. You may see some wild turkey, Elk, and maybe a Bear. If you are more adventurous than me there are plenty of hiking trails, places to ride your horse, waterfalls to go to.

A picnic in the smokey mountains is really a fresh new experience than just chilling in Atlanta. Its about 4 hours to actually get to Gatlinburg, TN but with this trip is about the journey not the destination. Totally worth all the quality time spent with my family doing this trip.

Foster Falls

About 2.5 hours away from Atlanta in Sequatchie, TN, you can fulfill your dreams of swimming up to a waterfall. I didn’t actually do that but my boo did. and this place was so serene and just so perfect like it couldn’t possibly be in America. I felt like I was on a tropical Island. they even have a little cute rickety wood bridge.

You have to make a little baby Hike to get down there but the view is worth all of it. There are plenty of other hiking trails to explore and waterfalls to search out but Foster falls itself was pretty simple for us.

Calloway Gardens

There is ALWAYS something popping at Calloway Gardens. is only 90 mins away from Atlanta, so do yourself a favor and scoot on down there. they Have a Butterfly center, Gardens, Golfing, a Spa, and plenty of Events. We went for the Labor Day weekend hot air balloon Festival and Car Show. because they always have something going on here we always have an excuse to resist.

Bald River Falls

Tellico Plains TN and 3 hours away you can Literally drive up to the Bald River Falls. Get out the car and explore if you want too but you don’t really have to if you are a little lazy.

Here there are plenty of places to stop on the way up to the falls and enjoy the river. Once you get to the bridge you can just chill there or you can go underneath it and play under the falls or you can go up top and try to find where all this water is coming from. We have tried to follow the river from the top of the falls but when the trees start to get thicker we turn around because no one can hear our screams if something goes down. They not Finna catch me.

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