Gibbs Garden

I mentioned Gibbs Garden before but I like this place soooooooo much I needed to dedicate a whole post to it.

The Garden is currently closed for the winter, but come March 2019 we will hopefully be a little warmer and ready to smell the roses. Well actually the roses start coming in in the summer time but what ever.

This spring all of the cool kids will be in attendance for the daffodil color fest! thousands of daffodils will be all over the garden. it is truly a sight to see. During the spring we get the Hydrangeas and roses. In the fall we get the Japans maples. I get so excited just thinking about the new year.

Gibbs garden has over 200 acres of beauty to see. whole manor to visit with a beautiful pool and arbors to relax next too. They regularly have events to visit.

When you do go visit be prepared to walk around a lot (Tennis shoes are a must) but don’t be in a rush. Take your time and enjoy yourself. definitely bring some water and your camera. I personally would eat before I come here as there is not any where really close to eat once you leave.

This place is so big we didn’t even notice the east on the property the first time we went. You can also ride the Tram around the Garden and get on and off where you want to look around. You can spend a whole day here enjoying yourself.

Expect way more posts about this garden this year because I will be going ALOT!

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