Yayoi Kusama- High Museum

Yayoi Kusama was THAT CHICK apparently. While I was at her exhibit, I read every piece of of her life that they had on display. If she did nothing else her whole life, she lived unapologetically, she did what she wanted and cared very little about what everyone else thought. I really admire that.

Nicknamed the Polkadot Priestess, all of her Artwork on display was very bright and fun. Her phallic structures were very entertaining as a lot of people were disgusted. They couldn’t handle her genius.

The main event was the Infinity Mirrors. We only received about 30 seconds in each one, but one day when I am rich I will have her Pumpkin display at my home so I can just think about my life surrounded by pumpkins. Which was actually the display we were not allowed to take pictures of.

Her Oblivion room was super cool, back when the exhibit started in November it was completely white. every visitor was given a sheet of stickers to place in the room. It was littered beautifully when we visited in January.

Everybody with an ounce of class was trying to get into this exhibit, and it was well worth the experience. It will end Febuary 17th. Be there or be square :-).

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