Tabasco Factory

I went to the Tabasco Factory in Louisiana and it smelled like hot wings as soon as we pulled into Avery Island. Unfortunately there are no hot wings on the premises. like at all 😦

All of the worlds tabasco is made here. They grow the peppers here and everything. The self guided factory tour was super Informative. We were able to take our time and it wasn’t very crowded when we went in July.

The Island is also a beautiful Jungle garden to explore, its so large you have to literally drive your car around it. Plenty of places to see flowers, ponds and Wildlife. Perfect for a picnic lunch date.

We ate lunch at the Tabasco restaurant. The Menu had options for everybody. They had plenty of Tabasco products for us to use on our food… but surprisingly I didn’t need to. The chefs clearly used tabasco to flavor the food perfectly. I have always just drowned my food in Hot sauce…I haven’t thought to use it as an ingredient. It was a very sensory experience for me.

The whole trip was worth it.

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