Grandma Date at Carrollton Market

When I go home to New Orleans, I am spoiled absolutely rotten by my family, especially my Grandma. BUT since I am 25 now I felt like it was about time I take my grandma on a Date, not that it can ever repay all of the fun dates she has taken me on.

So we went to see Aquaman, and would you believe she liked Arthurs brother more than Arthur?! smh She just thinks he is so Handsome. We do not have the same tastes.

Then we had Lunch at The Carrollton Market on Hampton street. We had their Prix Fixe Lunch Menu.

  • Tomott’s Farm Tomato Gazpacho with Louisiana Crabmeat (Delicious)
  • Crispy Pork Belly with Stoneground Grits, Peach BBQ and Pickled Okra (Amazingly Delicious)
  • Oysters Goodenough Poor Boy(Yummy)
  • Pan Roasted Gulf Redfish (Yummy)
  • Some kinda peach bourbon ice-cream dessert which was too good for words.

We washed it all down with some water and sweet tea. We talked about our past and future and what ever else we wanted. honestly I wish we could do stuff like this every day together, I was so happy she was happy. I also felt sad that I can’t see her as ofter as I want to.

When I was a little girl my grandma always took me to Fancy restaurants, she always had me trying new foods. Especially from different is because of her I will taste anything twice. Now that I am old enough to take her places , I have the audacity to be married in another state.

I need to do better.

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