Why Me & My Pandemic Baby Swear By Zarbees

First things first. I wanted to explain how I even discovered the brand Zarbees. My best friend’s mother was watching her grandson for the summer and she had been giving him melatonin some nights because he developed a jacked up sleeping schedule. She felt that the brand of melatonin he was taking caused some sleeping aggression. He was very irritable and angry while resisting to sleep before completely crashing. She felt the brand of melatonin she was using is what caused this issue so she did some research and switched over to Zarbee’s melatonin for kids. He was sleeping better and had a much calmer temperament before falling asleep. Of course I always trust her judgment because she is a research nut for any and everything she uses. So, while I was pregnant I searched everything Zarbees made for babies and YES I bought A LOT of their baby products. So below I’ll be sharing some of our favorite baby products:

Daily Bottom Balm:

 This is probably my favorite item by Zarbees and it is also the first one that I used on my baby. She had got a horrible diaper rash when she was newborn and older family members love to shove their ancient parenting formulas down your throat because “it worked for them”. I however had issues with other brands like ‘Desitin’ because it would be all caked up on my baby’s bottom and felt the need to bathe her or give her a sponge bath. After a while I get sick of constantly using wipes. I had already bought this Bottom Balm well before she was born so I was committed to using it and quite frankly it made her diaper rash disappear in less than 24 hours. I rarely had to use it on her after then and I actually still have some left and she is now approaching 8 months. It’s very thick but gentle on the skin & you don’t need too much.. I love this product!

Here below is where you can find it on Amazon like I did! 


Immune Support & Vitamins, Cough Syrup + Mucus:

This gem here!! It honestly needs a dedicated moment of silence. 

I wanted my baby to start taking some type of immune support vitamins at a young age because of the pandemic. I needed her to have a strong immune system. As soon as she was old enough to take the vitamins I did not hesitate to give her the recommended dose. I also don’t like to feed my baby anything without tasting it first and I honestly love the taste of both of these products. I was honestly blown away! My daughter also takes it with no issues. She tries to chew up the syringe LOL!

Now, the cough syrup was a life saver when me and my baby traveled to Texas when she was about 3 months or so. There was something about the air out there because me and her both got EXTREMELY congested as soon as we got to Dallas. Thank God my baby was still happy and unbothered but I still had never ever seen her full of so much mucus before so I started giving her the Zarbees Cough Syrup twice a day. Between giving her that and also sucking out the mucus with a Nose Frida from Target she was feeling better in no time. It was very easy to administer because she loved the taste of the syrup (and so did I!) .

Below is a link to the life saving duo on Amazon.


Calming Line:

Bedtime Spray

Massaging Oil

Massaging Balm

It made no sense to do individual sections for these 3 products because they’re all from the same line used for the same thing. Now personally I like to exercise every natural option I can use before resulting in going outside of my preferred parenting method. I had received the massaging balm as a gift at my baby shower and thought “ Ok cool I already wanted more from this company so great!”

I love the smell of this product and it also absorbs very well into my baby’s skin. 

This item definitely does its best work immediately after a good bath. Same goes for the massaging oil. I enjoy mixing the oil with coconut oil. It stretches out the lifespan of the product. My baby’s skin has never had any kind of reaction to either one of these products and I have used them a number of times with no issue!

The BedTime spray is a personal favorite of mine. I typically spray whatever area I plan on laying her down in and also the entire room. I find it’s best to do it before the bath. The scent is not overpowering and lasts a good while if you have a little one that fights their sleep. Another tip I can give to my breastfeeding mamas out there is that I will use any of these 3 products on my shirt or chest area so when my baby decides to settle down feels more relaxed with me once I cradle her to feed.

Below is an Amazon links to these three very useful nap/bedtime products!

My Zarbees products are always close by.



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