Why you should sit on public toilet seats, 🗣fight me about it I don’t care

women are all lying to these men about how awesome our bathrooms with couches and tvs are, how convenient that you left out the part about the pissy seats our bathroom lines are too long for them not to be clean when you leave the stall  Every mess you see in the bathroom is aContinue reading “Why you should sit on public toilet seats, 🗣fight me about it I don’t care”

More foolishness and A few things that were said

“Elevate your life before I get a new wife.”😶🤣😂 I don’t know what cartoon 💁🏽of Sam’s that I dissed but this will never not be funny. He can’t even find his socks half the time I’m not worried about a new wife.🤣😂

Third Pump of Sugar~ More Sam-n-Tia Chronicles

Tia: *sees Sam getting ready to join her for bed ruffles bed a bit and chuckles maniacally* Sam: *moves bed sheets only to find some glasses an Iphone and an iPhone charger unplugged on his side of the bed* Sam:… Tia: thank you pumpkin Sam: Mumble mumble she ain’t shit mumble mumble but imma plug it in anyContinue reading “Third Pump of Sugar~ More Sam-n-Tia Chronicles”