10 not so cute things my Husband says to Me

Idk why you dont look cute in pictures baby you look cute in person. Stop being such a brute you cant just force it in there, just give it here…! Keep your lil grubby fingers off my TV! Just give it to me that’s not where it goes! Omg i married a Grimlin! Thats myContinue reading “10 not so cute things my Husband says to Me”

Concerts I Will Be Attending

Jhene Aiko TRIP(the tour)~ She is beautiful and has a beautiful album. I personally want to have her babies. So I snatched up two VIP tickets for her concert. It will be lit AF. Plus she won the for the dick challenge with that new tattoo… 24k Still with 24u ~ I’m super excited thatContinue reading “Concerts I Will Be Attending”