12 things that make up a friend 

A pet peeve of mine is when people spout on Facebook that they have no real friends. First of all if I see your post on Facebook what am I? Your FRIEND, unless you just keep me around to be nosy. (my life is pretty poppin right now so I don’t blame you)  Point being you probably have friends you just dont take advantage of them properly. Cuz imma ride or die for my friends, when they let me know when and where the fight is. 

Just because someone doesn’t jump through hoops to be all up in your face does not make them a bad friend. But It does make me feel like you not looking for a friend, you are looking for a minion.


Lol Facebook probably should be called acquaintance book

 I think some people need a reminder of what a friend is, so I will help you all out.


1. A person who you like, and who likes you back and you all are NOT smashing


2. Someone where if you need assistance you are not afraid to ask them for it


3. Someone who if you ask for assistance and they tell you no, you still like them


4. Someone who even though you don’t talk to them every day when you do speak its not awkward


5. You don’t feel pressured to hold a conversation with them, sometimes you just enjoy their presence.


6. You tag each other in social media posts at least once a year


7. When they text you out of the blue you don’t automatically assume they want something from you, but if you do, you are happy to assist


8. You recognize that they may have friends or hobbies that don’t pertain to you but, they still cool


9. You don’t feel like you need to hide yourself or certain parts of your life from them, you don’t feel judged


10. When you do things together you are happy


11. You are always rooting for them, even if you do not speak often


12. You don’t feel used when you are with them


Someone doesn’t just stop being your friend because you do not text every day.


If you really feel some type of way about someone not contacting you, you contact them! Also remember that people don’t run on your time. So if it takes them two days to respond they were busy, but after that happens a few times, now you know how important you are to them so adjust yourself accordingly. People make time who they want to make time for. You do too.


Friendship goes both ways. Just like I could’ve checked up on you, YOU could’ve checked up on me. If it really bothers you enough to the point that you feel like you are being mistreated? Is that REALLY your friend/ and why are you trying so hard to force them to you? People don’t have to miss you ya know.


Most friends these days are not mind readers, they do not know you have a problem in your life unless you tell them, they will not be able to be there for you unless you let them know. Yes they could’ve checked on you, but you also could’ve reached out and let them know you are struggling.


Friendship duties go both ways, they can’t be a good friend if you don’t let them be.

Picture stolen from @aprilamosart  on instagram i love litlle Charlotte and Tiana they are sooooo cute

Concerts I Will Be Attending

Jhene Aiko TRIP(the tour)~ She is beautiful and has a beautiful album. I personally want to have her babies. So I snatched up two VIP tickets for her concert. It will be lit AF. Plus she won the for the dick challenge with that new tattoo…

24k Still with 24u ~ I’m super excited that since I have moved to Atlanta there have been multiple opportunities to see Korean Artists here. I am obsessed with them and their amazing voices.

Cory is bae(sorry Sam) so I hope I see him up close.

In my KPOP group chat they asked me what I would say if I met any of them. I’m always at a loss cuz what DO you say to a celebrity other than I love you. They are actually strangers.

I will tell them to tell other artists to stop in Atlanta for their tours as well cuz we are amazing, but the truth is I’m selfish so I will probably tell them to come home with me, because my fried chicken is amazing.(may or may not be true)


Illionaire Ambition tour~ the hip hop/ rap scene in Korea is FIRE. I Only know of two of the artists coming to Atlanta but I’m about to find out about the rest of their talent really really quick.

Now who i wanna see in concert is Cardi B, i just found out we practically the same age so she need to preform here in Atlanta so i can explain to her why we need to be besties. Im cool , she cool. She the hottest in the streets. Im cold all the time. She wild , im crazy. She busy being famous im busy at work. I wont even be clingy we can just text and hang out when she bored. I think we can work something out.💕😩

Second Cup of Tea ~ Work Rant

So I may be the youngest person at my company, and every day I feel like I’m being used to the max.

I’m always giving a Microsoft Word and Excel Tutorials. Which explains why every one is so slow with their reports lol.

They always talk to me about their children like I am more in touch with whatever is making them crazy. They ask me about Music artists, which I cannot help with cuz I’m not Basic like their children. I am ALWAYS fixing the copy machine. I’m trying to figure out how they functioned without me. Our IT department is Slow AF so I know they didn’t help out before i got here.
I also get plenty of:

When will you have children?

How many children do you have?

Your husband is white right?

What are you mixed with?

Are you here to visit your parent? Whose child are you?

You’re young so of course you move more quickly.

One day you will understand when you have children.

But real talk i love my Job, all my work old people are Really sweet and adorbz.

Im sure everyone can relate.

First Cup of Tea ~Small Confession😏

I used to really hate my parents back in middle school. I was super angsty, nothing like the bundle of sunshine i am now. I don’t know what I was going through, but I just knew my parents were crazy. I swear i used to get in trouble for breathing.
I felt like i needed to get back at them, but i couldnt so anything too obvious. Cuz real talk I could have been waaaaaaay worse, so they were asking for me to show out 😂. so every time I saw the tv remote out I would slide it under the couch. Every time I saw their keys out I would put them in the fridge or freezer. I would push belts under the bed(so no easy whoopins). I would hide just one shoe. Real bad huh.😏

Do i regret this… no, cuz at the time it happened it was my revenge against parents who I knew were crazy.
Going forward if I have kids I will probably be in major trouble.


Third Pump of Sugar~ More Sam-n-Tia Chronicles

Tia: *sees Sam getting ready to join her for bed ruffles bed a bit and chuckles maniacally*

Sam: *moves bed sheets only to find some glasses an Iphone and an iPhone charger unplugged on his side of the bed*


Tia: thank you pumpkin

Sam: Mumble mumble she ain’t shit mumble mumble but imma plug it in any way mumble mumble i ain’t no damn maid mumble mumble

Tia: mumble mumble good butler


Since i have been #Adulting there have been lots of heart dropping to the pit of stomach moments.

one example:

My Supervisor: Tia we need to talk in my office.

Tia:*stomach starts feeling queasy.*
Tia: Right after i grab some water brb

Tia: if i leave now she can’t fire me

Tia: i don’t think i’ve done anything wrong lately

Tia: ugh why am i in trouble

Tia: Stand your ground you ain’t no lil Bih man up

Tia: *walks into Supervisors office*

Supervisor: so what do you think about applying for this new position that just opened up. i think you are perfect for the position.

Like why was i even scared lol IM GROWN AF she cant whoop me!



Sam: Tia if i got you a weapon would you learn how to use it
Tia yes

Sam: Good then we will get your conceal license this weekend

Tia: Good now i can go pop off on ….

Sam: Never mind


Second Pump of Sugar

Tia: Just let me know if we are having kids before our 10 year anniversary or na…
Sam: I haven’t decided yet

Tia: well if you wait too long it will be hard for me to bounce back from the baby body

Sam: you know what that sounds like…

Tia/Sam: what/A personal problem…

Tia :😠

Sam: JK
Lately I’ve been having wild thoughts lol. If my sister or husband tell me that they are having issues with a person. I immediately go into revenge mode. i really need to calm that mess down.

I can’t help but wonder, if I’m willing to go to jail over my sister( (who snitched on me heavy growing up) (who also NEVER says sorry because she normally is not)), what would I do for my own kids? rape? pillage? vote for trump for a 2nd or 3rd term? Its unimaginable. I would like to think I would be calm and collected but, who would be over your own babies.
But back to the regularly scheduled Sam and Tia Chronicles


Tia: Hunny will you put money on my books if I go to prison

Sam: no


Sam: well if your mom wont I will I guess