Concerts I Will Be Attending

Jhene Aiko TRIP(the tour)~ She is beautiful and has a beautiful album. I personally want to have her babies. So I snatched up two VIP tickets for her concert. It will be lit AF. Plus she won the for the dick challenge with that new tattoo…

24k Still with 24u ~ I’m super excited that since I have moved to Atlanta there have been multiple opportunities to see Korean Artists here. I am obsessed with them and their amazing voices.

Cory is bae(sorry Sam) so I hope I see him up close.

In my KPOP group chat they asked me what I would say if I met any of them. I’m always at a loss cuz what DO you say to a celebrity other than I love you. They are actually strangers.

I will tell them to tell other artists to stop in Atlanta for their tours as well cuz we are amazing, but the truth is I’m selfish so I will probably tell them to come home with me, because my fried chicken is amazing.(may or may not be true)


Illionaire Ambition tour~ the hip hop/ rap scene in Korea is FIRE. I Only know of two of the artists coming to Atlanta but I’m about to find out about the rest of their talent really really quick.

Now who i wanna see in concert is Cardi B, i just found out we practically the same age so she need to preform here in Atlanta so i can explain to her why we need to be besties. Im cool , she cool. She the hottest in the streets. Im cold all the time. She wild , im crazy. She busy being famous im busy at work. I wont even be clingy we can just text and hang out when she bored. I think we can work something out.💕😩

Second Pump of Sugar

Tia: Just let me know if we are having kids before our 10 year anniversary or na…
Sam: I haven’t decided yet

Tia: well if you wait too long it will be hard for me to bounce back from the baby body

Sam: you know what that sounds like…

Tia/Sam: what/A personal problem…

Tia :😠

Sam: JK
Lately I’ve been having wild thoughts lol. If my sister or husband tell me that they are having issues with a person. I immediately go into revenge mode. i really need to calm that mess down.

I can’t help but wonder, if I’m willing to go to jail over my sister( (who snitched on me heavy growing up) (who also NEVER says sorry because she normally is not)), what would I do for my own kids? rape? pillage? vote for trump for a 2nd or 3rd term? Its unimaginable. I would like to think I would be calm and collected but, who would be over your own babies.
But back to the regularly scheduled Sam and Tia Chronicles


Tia: Hunny will you put money on my books if I go to prison

Sam: no


Sam: well if your mom wont I will I guess