The Foreigner ~ Review


My hubby and i went to support Uncle Jackie last night at our local theater. The Foreigner is about a man who has survived the deaths of his whole family, and is out for vengeance for his last remaining relative, his daughter. It’s not your typical revenge movie though, its quite interesting the way the movie plays out, the way we find out more and more about our main character as the movie pans out is nice. Chan’s character took matters into his own hands because certain people were just too unconcerned, for him, and for me.


The movie wasn’t filled with excitement or happiness, but it was interesting, and had you wanting to keep watching . I think its great that throughout the movie we felt for the main characters loss, and the longing for answers that no one was able to give. How awesome is it to be able to force the answers out of people who even the police officers cannot. At the end I was satisfied but still sad, this man worked hard his whole life just for things to keep falling apart.

Our only complaint, was the same complaint we have for Transformers and Godzilla, there was not enough of the Foreigner, himself. I felt like the movie was more about the ‘antagonist'(for lack of better word) than Jackie Chan’s character.

I will recommend it to all my friends though. I hope Hollywood continues to offer Jackie roles that show how awesome he is, even when he is not a bad-ass martial artist type.

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