Brunch with Puff & Petals

One of my absolute fav brunch spots in Atlanta, would be Puff & Petals.

Most people know of this fabulous restaurant through the owner K. Michelle. I personally had no idea who she was and still barely know. What I DO know is I saw a little restaurant with a pink aesthetic while driving around Edgewood and just HAD to check it out.

Its a very small space with pink and floral decor, a perfect spot for an Instagram photo op. The music is always on point, and the staff has continuously been pleasant.

The food is made to order, hot and fresh. Everything perfectly encapsulating that southern charm. I have sampled everything on their brunch menu and can vouch for its deliciousness. I personally favor the salmon croquettes but my girlfriend has gotten the shrimp and grits EVERY TIME.

The cocktails are delightful, fragrant and tasty. Each drink I have ordered has always been decorated in some way. Maybe am just a girly girl but putting flowers in my cocktails make me extra happy.

All in all when I want to feel pampered and princess like I go to Puff & Petals. The food and ambiance are EVERYTHING.

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